Touring, Concert, &
Corporate Audio Support

Dedicated to Listener Satisfaction

From giving the audience a show they'll never forget, to providing the artist with a clear and creative monitor mix...   JC Audio has you covered with quality engineering and clean control packages.

Control Packages

We put everything we have into our rental packages to make them as clean and efficient as possible. Every package goes out built exactly to spec,  with clear labeling and clean cabling. 
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Josiah Canzanella

Starting in clubs & small local festivals learning from a strong mentor... soon developed to touring with national acts domestically & abroad in arenas and stadiums while keeping up in the corporate audio world.   

Front of House:
Tours & Corporate experience both domestic & abroad.  Experience on all major mixing platforms including: Avid, Digico, Midas, Soundcraft, SSL, Yamaha.

Tour experience both domestic & abroad.  Experience with IEM & Wedge Mixes on all major console platforms (as listed above)

System Engineering:
d&b audiotechnik (J,V,Y,T,Q)
L'Acoustics (K2, Kara, Kiva, dvDosc)
Martin (MLA,  Compact, Mini)
Meyer (Leo, Milo)

Corporate Audio:
 Strong client relationships, intensive cue to cue retention with detailed IR & cue stack building while keeping Lav & Lectern inputs intelligible in the entire venue.

RF Coordination:
 Utilizing RF Venue Spectrum Scanning,  Vantage, and IAS to fit as many frequencies as possible in the strictest of RF environments


Josiah is the best A1 engineer I have worked with in a long time. He can quickly and effortlessly mix various styles of shows from Indian Bollywood Rock to a 7-person panel discussion with ease. He can look at a complex situation and break it down into their key components and make it easy to understand for anyone involved. His attention to detail has been incredibly useful on the numerous events I have been fortunate to work with him on, whether it be a concert, corporate show, or a political event. I would recommend Josiah in a heartbeat for any event out there and you will be the better for it.
— Andrew Morton, Event EQ
Josiah is one of the best sound engineers I have worked with. Because he is a musician, he has the ability to mix sound exceptionally well. He is straight forward and easy to work with. I would recommend Josiah for production in any venue and any situation.